Latina Housecleaners in Toronto

Isabella Jaimes Rodríguez, Adrian Petterson, Olivia Doggett, Priyank Chandra



This project explores the uses of digital technologies in the work of Latina housecleaners in Toronto, these include mediating the platforms in their job search, as well as mediating the interaction of the Latino migrant community.


The focus of this project is to understand how digital technologies shape and mediate labor practices. Within the Latino migrant community, we want to explore how housecleaners navigate existing digital platforms and how these technologies are being used in their work. Along with the work practices of housecleaners, there is a technological ecosystem within informal spaces, where we want to explore how digital technologies are being used by this community to foster cohesiveness, organization, and/or fragmentation, and to construct and express the identities of cleaners as migrants and women. Since their job seeking through social media such as Facebook until the use of Kijiji for selling their services. These questions would help us map their needs by delving into the experiences lived by workers on digital platforms.


April 2023 Status Update
Currently Analysing Interview Data